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Developer API Toolkit

The Secure Messaging Platform Application Programming Interface (API) is comprised of two sets of APIs:

  1. Secure Messaging API: allows third-party developers to make use of all the secure messaging features from within their third party applications. It is used to embed secure messaging features into EMRs, CRMs, and can also act as a secure mailer application to send e-statements (but securely).
  2. Cloud Command Center (CCC) API: allows partners to integrate reseller and customer management within their own provisioning dashboards or with 3rd party control panels such as intY or Parallels, Ensim, cPanel, AppDirect etc. It also offers usage statistics for an integrated billing solution.

Secure Messaging API

The Secure Messaging API is available as a rest-like API and can automate secure messaging features within any third party application. Included is a sample client application framework (SDK) Visual Studio 2010 .Net 4 class library that implements the most common commands available in the Secure Messaging API.

Cloud Command Center (CCC) API

The Cloud Command Center (CCC) API is a ReSTful web services API providing centralized provisioning, billing and administrative services residing in the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Partners, their Resellers and Customers are able to utilise the CCC Admin interface or sets of APIs to provision Secure Messaging Portals which may include different products SKUs and features for each individual Partner.

There are 2 public endpoints that can be consumed from the client. The first one is a staging environment used for development purposes, and the other is the production environment for live data.