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*Secure Web Forms: Capture Information from any Webpage

Create secure forms and make them available on your website for fast procurement. Every form submission triggers a secure message directly in the Inbox of the person or department selected to be contacted.

The Secure Web Forms featuredoes not require that your website use SSL to safeguard the information submitted; instead, a direct and secure API call is made to your branded Secure Email Server, routed directly into the secure mailbox of any and as many employees as you require. Reply to the form submission securely in order to engage in a private conversation with your website visitors, customers, patients, etc. Create secure forms such as ‘Contact Us’, Surveys, Loan Applications Processing, Benefits Enrollment, Health Insurance Claims, Medical History Forms or Quote Requests on the fly. Design your forms with your favorite tool and programming language. Increase customer service satisfaction while reducing spam by not publishing email addresses on your website (only the list of available recipient’s names are available as a pre-selection to the visitor). Form submission throttling prevents inappropriate use of the public form by web-bots repeatedly submitting false information.

The manual process involved with typical data entry (e.g. paper forms, PDF forms, Word Forms) are error-prone, offer no real workflow and are extremely time-consuming to manage. Web portals or Intranets are expensive to deploy and maintain, and are slow to deploy. Secure e-Forms module combine with our powerful API provides a quick and effective way to deploy forms on any website, and allow your prospects, customers, partners and stakeholders to securely submit information for automatic integration into any third party application such as your CRM, ERP or EMR. Some of the benefits include:

  • Both transport and storage of data submitted is encrypted and secure
  • Deployed within minutes using any coding or platform
  • Forms and fields can be designed specifically to your business process needs
  • API delivers form data as an XML, EDI, HTML, TXT, CSV, etc. including business intelligence systems
  • Eliminate costly paper, phone, fax and courier based processes
  • Securely deliver forms directly to employees Inbox, without the need re-route the information or ask employees to switch between systems to accomplish their daily tasks