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This page includes answers to common FAQs around administrating Secure Messaging attachments. If your question is not answered here, try reviewing the documentation available on this site. If your question is still unanswered, please contact Secure Messaging support:

Can Secure Messaging administrators put a limit on allowable attachment sizes?

Yes. By default, professional users can add up to 5 GB of attachments per message. Guest users are limited to 20 MB per message. Note that these settings are separate from any email attachment limitations set by the organization since Secure Messaging uses HTTPS protocol rather than your organization’s SMTP route to deliver messages and attachments.

If you want, you can set limits less than the 5 GB or 20 MB.


Do attachments get modified at all when they are being sent?

For transmission to Secure Messaging servers, the attachments are broken into 4MB chunks and then encrypted. The reconstituted attachment is identical to the original. In the case of e-signature files, the attachment is saved and then converted to PDF for e-signature purposes.


Would it be feasible for a partner (via access to admin, etc.) to manually provide a customer with a report of any files that were too large to be successfully delivered to the mailbox?

Not at this time.