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This page includes answers to common FAQs around integrating Secure Messaging with your existing DLP solution. If your question is not answered here, try reviewing the documentation available on this site. If your question is still unanswered, please contact Secure Messaging support:

Is there a limitation on the number of key words a customer can have for encryption enforcement?

Technically, no. However, the more complex the regular expression (i.e., the more keywords present), the longer it will take to scan messages. For example, 200+ keywords will possibly result in a five second delay every time a message is sent. As is noted in the admin control panel, a maximum of 100 keywords is recommended.


Does Secure Messaging work with DLP solutions? Can we use Office 365 DLP?

Secure Messaging works with a wide range of existing DLP services, including Microsoft DLP offered in Office 365. Alternately, Secure Messaging can be set up to filter a set (ideally < 100) of words, phrases, and regular expressions that are enforced at the Outlook add-in level.


For sending encrypted emails, can this only be done by using the secure email button in Outlook/Office 365 or can policies be created for certain phrases or documents to trigger sending something encrypted?

We currently support all third-party DLP engines such as Trend Micro and Microsoft DLP. Customers can configure any rule required and connect through our crypto-gateway for whatever rule that requires security.