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Managing Messages

This page includes answers to common admin FAQs around managing secure messages. If your question is not answered here, try reviewing the documentation available on this site. If your question is still unanswered, please contact Secure Messaging support:

Can the sender address and subject line be masked?

Enterprise Dedicated Cloud customers can mask both the SMTP email address of the sender and the subject lines with a custom address and subject line. The feature can be enabled if the customer orders their own VPS.


Are the file headers changed at all when they are being sent?

File headers should not be changed.


Can a completed secure web form be converted into a secure message and returned to our designated internal recipient?

Yes, a secure web form can be set up to generate the results in a secure message that is delivered to your designated recipient with the information secured throughout the exchange. Note that the delivery email address can be hidden from the user submitting the form. SMB clients get the information presented in the body of the message in standard HTML format. Enterprise clients are able to customize this format and to leverage the API to query and sync up other applications (such as Excel, etc.). While there are limits to the number of forms that be submitted per month for SMB clients, the Enterprise package includes unlimited form submissions.