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API Secure Delivery

A unique feature of the secure messaging portal is the ability to archive copies of ever secure message and attachments decrypted into one or many third party archive of the customer’s choice. All third party archive providers that support the information required below is supported, including but not limited to Sonian, Global Relay, MessageWatcher, MimeCast and Metalogix.

The Secure Messaging portal archives secure messages by connecting directly to an SMTP server over a TLS connection in the archive provider’s environment, and sends a decrypted copy of the message and attachments, including e-signature documents, to an archiving mailbox. In order to set up archiving, we require the following information from the third party archiving provider:

1. SMTP Server (must support TLS)
2. SMTP Server Port
3. Username to Authenticate with SMTP Server (optional if SMTP server does not require authentication)
4. Password to Authenticate with SMTP Server(optional if SMTP server does not require authentication)
5. Destination address (archiving mailbox)

Messages and attachments are archived in near real-time, and all messages would remain archived even if a customer cancels their Secure Messaging portal subscription.

  1. Select Destination: initially this field is empty. As you create the first destination, it will become available in this drop down list. Once you have your first destination, a menu option ‘Create New’ will appear in the drop down list allowing you to create an unlimited amount of archiving destinations.
  2. Enable API Secure Delivery: enable the archiving will start batching messages in 5 minute -1 hour intervals. A real time option is not available and not recommended.
  3. Archive Name: give this destination, or archive, a name that will appear in the drop down box above once created.
  4. SMTP Server & Port: IP Address & Port of the archiving SMTP server. We must be able to connect to this server using TLS encryption (mandatory).
  5. Enable SSL: SSL is enabled and mandatory by default. Enter the username for the mailbox you want to archive to; this is typically an email address where all decrypted messages are sent to in an envelope format. Enter the password for the mailbox you want to archive to.
  6. Enable for: determine what users the archiving applies for. Options include all Professional users on the portal, or email domain specific. If selecting domain specific, remember to set it up under the ‘Security Policies > Registration Filters’. All sent and received messages per user will be decrypted and sent to the archive.
  7. Maximum Attachment File Size: select the maximum total attachment size per message. Some archives restrict it to 20MB.
  8. API Secure Delivery Log: detailed logs are available with filters to show ‘All’ / ‘Completed’ / ‘Pending’ / ‘In Progress’ / ‘Failed’. ‘Pending’ and ‘Failed’ items will retry at the next 1-4 hour scheduled batch process until it is ‘Completed’.