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Use this section to set the Admin Support Email Address for the customer, as well as customize the default Invitation and welcome message new users receive via basic email upon being invited by a Professional User.

  1. Admin Support Email Address: This option sets the Admin Email address for the customer. The Admin Email address will receive all errors reported. The Admin Email address cannot be set as an alias of another email address. The Admin Email Address is also used to send out all invitations to new users. Customer and or resellers should enter a custom email address that is monitored. This name attached to the Admin Support Email Address is displayed below. This name can be changed at the Dashboard, by clicking on the Admin Support Email Address. This must be a registered user & monitored by an admin.
  2. Default Invite Message: This customizable text is displayed in the body of each basic email invitation message sent from customer instance. An invitation message is sent every time a secure message is sent to an email address that is not registered (new user) for both Professional and Guest users. HTML is supported for the Invitation Message.

    WARNING: Keyword-based spam filters can identify your invites messages as spam based on its content. Be careful with the wording you use.

  3. Welcome Template Subject: This option sets whether the Welcome Message is sent as plain text, or HTML format. The Welcome Message is automatically inserted in the Secure Webmail for all new users once they complete the registration. The Welcome Template Subject is customizable and does not support HTML.
  4. Welcome Template Body – HTML Version: This customizable text the content of the Welcome Message. This message can be used to convey important information to new users, or explain features and functionality.