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Organizations and resellers have full control over the administration and management of the Secure Messaging platform. When the Secure Messaging platform is configured, the organization designates a group administrator who is responsible for managing users and various security settings and feature access, as well as invitation to new user policies and filters. While the administrator has statistical and configuration access, they do not have access to the content of secure messages or file attachments.

The Web Admin Console also allows administrators to set user security authentication levels, and whether they want to enforce secure communications for all email traffic. The Web Admin Console includes an intuitive and straightforward dashboard that quickly displays important statistics. At a glance, administrators can review the total number of users, or the total amount of storage for their account, along with many other useful statistics including usage analysis.

The published API can be used to automatically provision user accounts or create new secure messages through another program, such as web service or existing email program such as an EMR or billing system for secure automated e-statements.

Web Admin Console Introduction

Administrators have the ability to:

  • Set the proper security settings with three levels of user registration and authentication.
  • Control user configuration options such as User Group, Email Aliases, and set permission filters for inviting new users.
  • Set and manage a unique security option to store secure messages or file attachments locally (even if using MS Exchange®).

NOTE: To access the Web Admin Console, please obtain the credentials from your reseller in order to login from your web browser.