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The Secure Messaging webapp is a full featured web, smartphone, and tablet enabled email client that gives you access to your Secure Messaging account and all its functions, including secure e-signatures, secure large file sharing, secure bulk send e-campaigns, as well as all of the message control and tracking features.

  • To access your Secure Messaging account through the webapp, go to
  • For complete instructions on accessing and using the webapp, please review the How To… pages.
  • For an explanation of everything you can do in Secure Messaging, please see the Product Features pages.

Secure Messaging Webapp Interface

Webapp Interface




  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10+
  • MS .NET Framework 4.0+ (installed automatically)


  • Yosemite+

Smartphones & Tablets

  • iOS: 9.0+
  • Android: 4+
  • Windows phone: 8+
  • Blackberry: 10+

Browser Access

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with TLS 1.0+ enabled
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9+
  • Chrome 50.0+

Visually Impaired

The Secure Message Center is also available to visually impaired Users using a screen reader or other devices. It fully supports Section 508 and the various WCAG accessibility requirements, including WCAG2 AAA.