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Can I attach files to secure messages?

Of course! File attachments are transferred via HTTPS through the use of your Secure Messaging Platform instead of across regular SMTP connections, unreliable FTP or unsecure third party websites, which are very limited in security, speed and size limit. The Secure Messaging Platform introduces database file sharing concepts with permission-based access instead of sending files all over the Internet or duplicating them several times in MS Exchange.

Using the Secure Messaging Platform to exchange file attachments is safer, allows for unlimited size file transfer, is trackable and auditable, and so becomes easier to manage each file attachment directly in the Secure Message Center’s Attachment Library, or directly in MS Outlook.

One of the major benefits users will notice using Secure Messaging Platform to send file attachments is that they will have the option to download file attachments when and how they choose. This ‘pull versus push’ approach is unique to the Secure Messaging Platform; download only the file attachments that you want to keep on your local computer. There are no file size restrictions, and large file attachments will not slow down the email send/retrieve processes due to the unique asynchronous process.

For added convenience and speed, consider using the Secure Desktop Agent as a companion to the Secure Message Center (Webmail) or Secure MS Outlook Toolbar. All file attachments are uploaded and downloaded asynchronously, which allows for auto-resume if your internet connection is lost, or if you shut down your computer (especially useful for files of 10MB to 20,000MB).