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This page includes answers common FAQs around attaching and sending files in Secure Messaging. If your question is not answered here, try reviewing the documentation available on this site. If your question is still unanswered, please contact your administrator or contact Secure Messaging support:

Is the 5 GB limit per attachment or per message?

The 5 GB limit is per message. So, for example, you could add several attachments to one message, so long as they together are 5 GB or less.


What happens when I attempt to deliver a file larger than 5 GB or the maximum set by my organization’s admin?

You will get an error that the message was too large. If there are multiple attachments to the message, remove enough to get under the 5 GB or limit that has been set.


Are there restrictions on the file types I can send?

By default, there are no restrictions on the types of files you can send as attachments. Your portal admin, however, does have the ability to put restrictions in place.

NOTE that files sent as e-signature requests need to be common document formats (such as PDFs and Microsoft Office files) or image formats (such as JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.).


Can you track attachment downloads?

Yes, when a recipient downloads the attachments in a secure message, a notification message will be sent to everyone on the message through their mobile devices (provided they have the Secure Messaging app installed and notifications are enabled) and also via Outlook with the Outlook add-in installed. The Delivery Slip will also indicate who has downloaded the attachment.