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I can’t find a secure message

If you appear to be missing secure messages in the Secure Message Center, but you can find them in MS Outlook (using the Secure MS Outlook Toolbar), make sure you are accessing the correct Secure Messaging Platform.

Because Secure Messaging Platforms are independent of one another, each has a separate Secure Message Center (Webmail). This means that you cannot access messages on one organization’s Secure Messaging Platform using the Secure Message Center of another organization.

If you need to check which Secure Messaging Platform a secure message is on from MS Outlook, simply select the message and look in the Secure Messaging Platform section at the very top of the Delivery Slip. Then make sure that the Secure Message Center (Webmail) in which you are looking for your secure messages matches this Secure Messaging Platform.

There is also an option in MS Outlook to go directly to the secure message in the Secure Message Center (Webmail). Directly below the Secure Messaging Platform name in the Delivery Slip is a button with a picture of a globe and an arrow. Click this icon to go directly to the secure message.

If you still can’t find your secure messages, remember to look in the Archive and Trash folders as you may have previously archived or deleted them. Both actions are independent from your secure messages in MS Outlook.