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Secure Session Expired

If you get the error message that your secure session has expired, or you get automatically re-directed to the Login screen when trying to access a secure message on a browser, mobile or tablet device, there are a few possible explanations. If this happens to you, the Secure Webmail is shutting down to prevent a security breach of your data:

  1. If you leave the Secure Message Center (Webmail) inactive for more than an hour, your session will expire. This is a security feature to prevent someone from accessing your secure account if you forget to log out.

    NOTE: This will only happen if you don’t perform any action in the Secure Message Center for one hour. Any time you click on a message or do any other action, the time resets back to zero.

    NOTE: The session time is configurable by your Administrator so it could be shorter or longer than an hour depending on your industry regulations (e.g. HIPAA mandates 30 minute sessions).

  2. If your IP address changes often, your secure session will expire immediately. For security reasons, the Secure Message Center, especially on mobile & tablet devices, requires that your IP address not change during a secure session. This prevents hijackers from sniffing your browsing activity, copying the URL with the security token and being able to login to the secure account without providing proper credentials.
  3. If your network is set up in a way that causes your IP address to shift, such as Load Balancing two or more internet connections, you will need to configure your system to allow HTTPS.
  4. If on a mobile device and your session expires right after logging in, ensure that your web browser is set to accept cookies, and that ‘Private Browsing’ is disabled.
  5. If on a PC or Mac and your session expires right after logging in, ensure that your web browser is set to accept cookies. Internet Explorer users, please ensure you do not use the Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer.
  6. Finally, we have previously seen instances where spyware or malware installed on a PC can interrupt the secure connection to our service, which causes our servers to terminate the connection, in order to prevent a security breach. Clearing your system of any possible malware may also solve the problem.
Secure Message Centere Session Expired