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Can I send a secure message to anybody?

If you have the correct User Group profile, you can send a secure message to anybody and any email address. If your User Group profile is restricted (e.g. Guest User), you can only read, reply, and in come cases create a new secure message to Professional Users that you have communicated with before.

To determine your User Group profile, login to the Secure Message Center (Webmail), click on the ‘Tools’ menu, and select the ‘User Group’ menu entry.

As a Professional User, you can invite a certain number of new Users to the Secure Messaging Platform over a defined period of time. Under the User Group section of the Secure Message Center (Webmail), refer to the ‘User Invites’ metric to see how many new Users you can invite, and how many are left in your Secure Account for the period specified.

If you have zero invites, please contact your administrator to request more invites or a User Group profile upgrade.