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Cloud Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging offered in the Cloud, enables professionals to securely send and receive encrypted email and documents outside the organization by leveraging their existing use and familiarity with the number one method for business communication today – email.

  • Send & receive encrypted email & attachments with Microsoft Outlook®, Secure Webmail, mobile phones and tablet devices (BYOD) using existing email addresses.
  • Users on mobiles & tablet devices are covered with a mobile-enabled Webmail, and native apps for all major operating systems such as iPhone®, iPad® and Android®.
  • Provides a branded end-to-end encrypted email communication channel that uses the same security technology as internet banking (closed-circuit messaging that respects the data jurisdiction).

PLUS: Real-time message tracking, proof & audit, & non-repudiation

  • Email is guaranteed-delivered – and can be proven. Tracks and provides proof when an email and attachment is received, read, replied to, forwarded.
  • The patented ’Delivery Slip’ is a straightforward dashboard for creating secure email messages and attaching files. Once a message is sent, it tracks and provides details about when and if an email message is read, replied to or forwarded.
  • An optional Secure Messaging Gateway is available for more advanced data leak prevention features, and automatic outbound encryption and inbound decryption, especially useful for users on a web based mail client such as Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Simple: Don’t give up basic email. Transform it.

  • We understand that email users prefer to stay with their familiar email applications and simply don’t want to learn something new – even if the result is securing confidential information.
  • Now staff and their clients don’t have to swap out familiarity and simplicity for security. In fact, we insist that you continue to use your existing email addresses and programs – just the way they are.
  • The Secure Messaging platform works the way staff and clients work today so professionals don’t have to give up or change their basic email.
  • Works with any email program and is as easy to use for staff and external recipients as remaining with their familiar email applications and mobile devices – including MS Outlook® and MS Exchange® / 365, Blackberry®, iPhone® and Android®.
  • Wraps around any existing email so there’s no new software to learn and deploys in minutes meaning encryption will actually be supported and adopted by staff and external recipients.
  • Allows for scalable and flexible deployment that can be adopted by a single department or throughout the entire organization, with our without the requirement for a Gateway.

Anytime, Anywhere Encryption: From desktop. To webmail. To mobile.

  • A key differentiation is the seamless integration with an organization’s existing email programs and mobile phones such as Outlook® and Exchange®, Blackberry®, iPhone®, as well as external or Guest User’s individual personal email programs such as Gmail® or Yahoo Mail®.
  • Microsoft Outlook® integration allows users to send and receive secure email and attachments seamlessly alongside basic email without requiring the Secure Messaging Gateway.
  • The web and mobile enabled Secure Webmail Portal allows users to access and send and receive secure messages via any browser on a computer, tablet or other mobile devices resulting in no changes to the way a sending or receiving User uses their mobile device.
  • Native mobile apps supported for all major markets offers all the same functionality as the web-enabled Secure Webmail portal. Private data is never stored on the tablet or mobile device and ensures that confidential information is protected, even if a mobile device is lost.
  • Enterprise wide deployments can benefit from Secure Messaging Gateway that offers automatic outbound encrypting based on keywords, algorithms and lexicons in the subject, body and file attachments.