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Microsoft Outlook Integration


The Secure Messaging Microsoft Outlook® Toolbar allows internal and external users to manage their secure messages alongside their basic email messages seamlessly in the world’s most widely used corporate email program. Once installed, any authorized user can use Outlook® to create, read and respond to secure messages. Secure messages can make use of all existing features and corporate global policies. There is no need to navigate to a separate browser for sender and recipients.

The Outlook® Toolbar conforms to the way users work within their email program. It seamlessly integrates with Exchange® (On-premise or Hosted), MS Office365®, Google® Mail, as well as external or guest user’s individual personal email such as Gmail® or Yahoo Mail®. This allows users to create, read and respond to secure messages and file attachments alongside their basic email messages – with all the familiarity and features that comes with using Outlook®.

Integrating with email programs and applications that are already in use, the Outlook Toolbar® provides added functionality and flexibility to regular mail. With the patented Delivery Slip, users have access to more information (message metadata) and powerful tracking tools, additionally enabling senders to recall messages even if the content has already been read.

There are no cumbersome ‘keys’ to exchange and manage for both sender and recipients, allowing the organization to exchange confidential information with all stakeholders such as staff, clients and partners, in a complete secure closed-loop environment that is fully auditable.

Quickly and easily send and receive large files within Outlook® without requiring the user to log into a cumbersome FTP server or a browser-based application with additional unsafe links to click. It eliminates the challenges users encounter when exchanging large files using traditional and unsecure methods such as file sharing systems.

Quick Facts

  • Secure messages are sent through an organization’s branded Secure Messaging platform.
  • Designed to be a light weight client-side solution easily installed in under two minutes without requiring administrative rights.
  • No new software to learn meaning encryption will actually be supported and adopted by staff and external recipients.
  • Email content and file attachments can be stored decrypted in the mail server (e.g. Exchange®) both by the sender and the external recipients without integration at the mail server level.
  • Eliminates the need for recipients to login to a separate mail store typically only available through a web browser.
  • Gives users the option to quickly choose between creating a new secure or basic email message.
  • The patented Delivery Slip is added to the right side of the compose window and allows the sender to set permissions.
  • Instantly and securely send, receive and track any number and any-size file attachments via email without taxing the mail server.
  • It works with all mail servers and all existing investment in email archiving, compliance, e-discovery, workflow and management.
  • Data Leak Prevention features do not require an expensive perimeter gateway deployment.
  • No server changes are required for a true Cloud solution.


  • Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016, all Editions.
  • Support for Group Policy Deployment available (MSI).
  • Support for Terminal Server / Citrix available (MSI).
  • An optional Gateway encrypts & decrypts at the perimeter enabling all email programs (Lotus Domino, Outlook for Mac, mobile email).