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Secure Messaging

It’s time to protect and securely manage your communications.

Secure Messaging is a powerful, cloud-based, secure communications and information management solution that enables your organization—whether regulated or non-regulated—to effectively control, manage, and encrypt its email communications, both internally and externally.

Secure Messaging secures and speeds your business with encrypted communications, legal e-signatures (in seconds), large file sharing, and bulk send campaigns right in your email, on any device, easily, wherever you are. Plus, advanced controls let you track, manage, and prove everything.

It takes minutes to set up using existing email accounts, requires little or no IT support, and is fully functional on smartphones and tablets. Along with a fully-functional stand-alone webapp, users can install the Secure Messaging add-in into their favorite email program including Outlook, Outlook for Office 365, Gmail, and others to make the entire process of securing email seamless.

Secure Messaging is also available for Salesforce, where you can request legally valid confirmation signatures on quotes right in its interface. Secure Messaging also integrates with existing DLP solutions to improve your ability to control and secure sensitive data. Finally, its advanced real-time tracking and message controls substantially enhance your organization’s regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.


Benefits of Secure Messaging

  • Secure Messaging transforms a normal, unprotected email environment into a secure communications workspace. All messages, attachments, and e-signed files are cryptographically hashed and delivered via secure cloud rather than over basic unsecured email without requiring any additional hardware or additional software beyond the easy-to-install app that integrates right into your email environment using existing email accounts.
  • Because users are authenticated using existing addresses without having to create an additional profile, Secure Messaging can integrate right into your SSO environment and works with your DLP deployments and archiving systems. This means there is very little disruption to your users’ workflow or to your enterprise.
  • Secure Messaging notifies you in real time when an email is received and read and lets you easily control whether messages can be replied to or forwarded. You can apply additional password protection to individual messages for sensitive information, and can also set messages to expire at a later date and even recall messages sent in error, even after they’ve been delivered. You can be notified when files are downloaded and when requested e-signatures have been provided.
  • Email delivery is guaranteed, provable, and non-repudiable. You can track and control every message, including knowing when messages and attachments are received, read, replied to, or forwarded.
  • Secure Messaging can be accessed through a standalone webapp or via add-ins that can be integrated into your favorite email program, including Outlook, Outlook for Office 365, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.
  • Secure Messaging and all its features are fully enabled on mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry 10. The fully functional mobile and web apps ensure that your sensitive data will be secure even when your users are on the go (and using potentially dangerous unsecured Wi-Fi).
  • Because Secure Messaging is a simple add-on to existing email environments, there is no limit to how many users you can have and no need to set up elaborate hardware/ software environments. You can license as many professional users (e.g., your employees or clients) as you need, while all guest users are free, thus enabling you to secure your organization’s communications across the enterprise as well as externally with customers, partners, suppliers, and more.
  • Your organization gets a secure, dedicated area in the Secure Messaging Cloud Command Center in your region (there are dedicated servers strategically located worldwide). You choose where your data is hosted to help ensure data jurisdiction compliance.
  • All messages and their contents are stored “at rest” using AES256bit encryption in your dedicated cloud portal (and can be delivered to your archive) for easy retrieval at any time. Enterprise deployments can also opt for custom encryption salt and hashing of data
  • With Secure Messaging, all data is MD5-hashed for later comparison and validation of the original information (which always includes verifiable records of whether messages were received and when they were read). Hashed documents are stored indefinitely on the Secure Messaging portal (and can be stored decrypted into your existing third-party archive) regardless of the data retention policies set in place for your portal, ensuring auditability at any time.
  • Secure Messaging enhances compliance with major privacy and security laws and regulations (including major legislation such as E-SIGN, GLBA, and HIPAA in the U.S.; PIPEDA in Canada; and the Electronic Transactions Act in Australia).
  • Secure Messaging works with any existing data leak prevention (DLP) engine to help prevent unauthorized or mistaken sharing of sensitive or prohibited content and offers “intelligent content scanning” based on security policies.

Last updated August 10, 2016