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Secure Webmail Portal


The Secure Messaging Webmail portal is a full featured web, mobile, tablet and visually impaired enabled email client that gives users access to all their secure messages, file attachments, and user group profile. The Secure Webmail portal looks and feels like a traditional email client with its inbox and outbox displays, email tools, preferences and account settings. It also allows users to download and enable the Outlook® Toolbar, Mobile Apps, and Desktop Agents.

The Secure Webmail portal is specific to a particular organization and becomes a branded secure message center accessible by every user. Only secure messages can be acted upon in this interface and excludes functionality for basic emails resulting in no spam, and a virtually virus-free environment.

Through the use of the unique Files tab, users can view all file attachments in one place. No need to go through hundreds of email messages to find the right file. Now individual file attachments (without the message content) are all saved in one folder under the Files tab.

Users accessing the Secure Webmail portal from a mobile phone, tablet or other web enabled mobile devices are automatically directed to a secure mobile browser version resulting in no changes to the way senders and recipients use their mobile device.

The Secure Webmail portal also provides the unique functionality to completely ‘hide’ staff’s email addresses and only divulge their names while communicating securely with known or unknown external guest users. This feature allows organizations to continue using their regular email programs such as Outlook®, but preserve the privacy of the email addresses of their staff. When enabled, this feature requires external clients and partners to communicate with the staff exclusively through the Secure Webmail portal. It eliminates the risk of exposing email addresses to the public that could later be used maliciously, and prevents clients and partners from sending unsolicited and unsecure emails to the staff.

Quick Facts

  • Instant access to all secure messages for both internal staff and external to the organization guest users.
  • Restricted to guest users that are invited and approved by the organization resulting in a spam and virtually virus-free environment.
  • Private data is not stored on the handheld device meaning that confidential information is protected, even if a mobile device is lost.
  • Mobile access can quickly be disabled, adding an additional layer of protection by preventing access to the user’s secure account on the device.
  • Does not require any installation on a local machine, works on all browsers including mobile browsers for a true Cloud solution.
  • All product updates and new features are live right away.
  • Available to visually impaired Users using a screen reader or other devices. It supports Section 508 and the various WCAG accessibility requirements, including WCAG2 AAA.


  • Internet connection with HTTPS support (standard port 443).
  • Any email address.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Safari 4.0+, Firefox 2+, Chrome 0.2+, and all mobile browsers.
  • Windows PC, Mac or Linux, all Mobile OS.