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Delivery Slip

Delivery Slip

The Secure Messaging Delivery Slip is an advanced control panel for managing secure messages, e-signature documents, attachments, message controls, and real-time tracking. It appears to the right of every secure message and offers a robust set of features that greatly enhances the capabilities of your secure messages.

Quick Facts


  • Prevent unauthorized distribution of content with unique message controls.
  • True message recall for emails and attachments, even after they have been sent and viewed.
  • Password-protect messages and their attachments for added security.
  • Share files up to 5 GB securely from any device, regardless of other limits in place.
  • Securely request legally binding, non-repudiable e-signatures on documents and images.
  • Monitor messages in real-time and receive (and share) notification of delivery and open times.


  • View real-time message notifications and granular message tracking, including who opened the message, if it has been responded to or forwarded, and more.
  • Preview the name, size and type of any attachments before they are downloaded locally.
  • Securely download large files regardless of mailbox size limitations.
  • Provide a legal e-signature on documents right from the Delivery Slip in seconds simply by opening the file and typing your name.
  • Enable and simplify e-discovery and archiving (and retrieval) with a unique message ID on every message.
  • Be notified of whether the message is being monitored and if you have access to the details.

Download the Delivery Slip one-pager overview (PDF)
Last updated September 6, 2016