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Product Release Version 3.1

March 31, 2012


  • NEW Desktop Agent for Mac
    The Mac Desktop Agent is ideal for all Mac users who need security for personal email programs such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The Desktop Agent acts as a secure productivity agent & notifier. It displays an icon in the Finder and lets the user know instantly when they have a new secure message. The Desktop Agent also offers some convenient shortcuts for creating secure messages and instantly sending and sharing large files securely with the flexibility of Single-Sign-On (SSO). It can easily be installed from the Secure Webmail and it is available free of charge to all registered users.
  • Secure Messaging Google Chrome Extension (Win, Mac & Linux)
    The Google Chrome Extension allows users to stay within their favorite Webmail client such as Gmail, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Offcie 365 or Yahoo Mail and still have the ability to read their secure messages, while keeping the content private from their email hosting providers. The Google Chrome Extension is free for all licensed users and is available for download in the Secure Webmail.
  • Secure API Delivery
    Secure API Delivery automatically archives every secure message, decrypted, via SMTP in your favorite email archiving or document management solution. A direct and real time API connection ensures that every secure message is archived, regardless of MS Exchange and journaling configurations. Secure messages can remain encrypted in the mail server (e.g. MS Exchange), but stored decrypted in the email archive or document management. Files attachments are automatically archived with every secure message, with the ability to specify the maximum file size (e.g. 20MB). A complete activity log is available real time of all secure messages and file attachments archived, with the ability to retry entries that failed due to down time from the third party archiving tool. All connections requires SSL if you use a third party SaaS / Cloud email archiving solution.
  • Secure Webmail

  • NEW: Updated all contextual links to direct to the new Help website.
  • NEW:Added note to Attachment Module recommending use of Desktop Agent for files larger than 10MB. This note is only displayed if the user has access to installing and using the Desktop Agent.
  • NEW: Desktop Agent for Mac installation instructions page: only available when using the Webmail with a Mac.

Microsoft Outlook Toolbar

  • NEW: Installer name ‘Secure MS Outlook Toolbar’. Once installed, the new Toolbar is now located in the ‘Secure Messaging’ folder under the ‘All Programs’ Windows menu. The Toolbar adds the ribbon menu ‘Secure Messaging’ in Outlook 2007 / 2010 / 2013 instead of the former ribbon name.
  • FIXED: Updated “Preferences” dialog to better organize options.

Desktop Agents (Win & Mac)

  • NEW: The Desktop Agent now supports selecting from multiple Secure Webmail portals for users that are registered with more than one portal.
  • NEW: Installer name ‘Secure Desktop Agent’. Once installed, the new Desktop Agent is now located in the ‘Secure Messaging’ folder under the ‘All Programs’ Windows menu.
  • NEW: Aynchronous file transfer can be initiated when the Desktop Agent has not been turned on (auto-start).

Admin Console

  • NEW: Updated all contextual links to direct to the new Help website.
  • NEW: Secure e-Forms now supports the ability to upload unlimited file size attachments as part of a Secure Form submission from your web visitors.
  • NEW: Data Leak Prevention feature allows the administrator to specify whether rules and policies for encrypting messages and attachments is mandatory, or if the user can still send unsecure (basic) at their discretion. Admin DLP drop down options changed as a result: ‘Enabled’, ‘Mandatory’, ‘Disabled’. Enabled offers the user to override and send unsecure, Mandatory removes the option to send unsecure, and Disabled ignores whatever setting are set for keywords black and white listing.
  • FIXED: Improved support for custom SMTP settings for partners with their own outbound SMTP server.

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