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Product Release Version 4.10

July 1, 2014

General availability: July 18, 2014. Some features or apps are subject to different release dates.

New Features and General Enhancements

  • NEW: Microsoft Office 365 Web App (available in the Microsoft Office Store).
  • NEW: Out of Office feature now allows users to enter a custom message to inform recipients of their unavailability. This feature is required when the Portal is set to not show the sender’s SMTP addresses, and it bypasses the email server notification that would otherwise expose the SMTP address.

Secure Webmail

  • UPDATED: Message list now caches the first 100 secure messages, allowing for a faster display to improve user experience.
  • UPDATED: Mobile screen available to download the Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 mobile apps.
  • UPDATED: Preference screen now includes the Out of Office settings.
  • FIXED: Issue with the Japanese characters on the profile screen.
  • FIXED: Issue where the activation options were removed for Webmail when a user would change his/her password.

Secure WebApp (New Webmail/iOS/Android/BB10/WP8/O365/Chrome Extension)

  • NEW: Font size selector (Large/Medium/Normal) is now available under the Settings menu to accommodate various types of vision.
  • NEW: Better support for larger resolutions. Added Delivery Slip to the right of the message in larger resolutions.
  • NEW: Display the Message ID in the Delivery Slip for eDiscovery purposes & easy mapping to archived secure messages.
  • NEW: Responsive design interface (from mobile to PC screen).
  • UPDATED: Better highlight of new secure messages vs. read messages in the message list.
  • UPDATED: Default values for CORS support (to support the Office 365 Web App).
  • UPDATED: Can now add attachments and download received attachments on WP8/BB10.
  • FIXED: Issue with the message list in the Sent, Trash, and Archived folders.
  • FIXED: On reply, the cursor now automatically goes to the message body for ease of response instead of into the To: field.
  • FIXED: The archiving button in the message’s preview pane now matches the icon in the message list’s selection pop-up.
  • FIXED: When highlighting a message, the refresh button now continues to keep the message highlighted post-refresh.
  • FIXED: When first opening the app, the first message that is selected is the first message in the inbox that has not been retrieved.
  • FIXED: When loaded in landscape mode, the portal icon now has the portal name beside it.

Microsoft Outlook Toolbar/Native Plug-in

  • NEW: Redesigned the rendering of the Delivery Slip, allowing for a faster display to improve user experience. This is Phase 1 of the new upcoming redesign of the Delivery Slip in Outlook.
  • NEW: The Activation/Registration workflow now does not depend on the Outlook account to be present to complete the operation. This addresses multiple issues where the SMTP address could not be obtained for some specific Exchange configurations.
  • NEW: Support is now provided for multiple Exchange accounts under the same Outlook profile.
  • UPDATED: General optimizations in the routines that look for secure messages in Outlook, allowing for a faster display to improve user experience.
  • UPDATED: Redesigned the routine that resolves an Exchange X400 address into an SMTP email address. This fixes multiple issues with specific Exchange configurations.
  • FIXED: Pre-activation issue that would not always detect the proper SMTP address for the security validation.
  • FIXED: Activation issue when resetting a user’s password.
  • FIXED: Issue where if a message is selected in the Outbox folder, the ‘sent date’ was converted to ‘none’ and would not process/send.
  • FIXED: Issue with .txt attachments placeholders being included in ‘Sent Items’, duplicating the placeholder attachment included in secure notifications.

Secure Messaging Gateway

  • NEW: Support provided for Office 365 Criteria-based Routing.
  • NEW: Rules engine redesign, making it 2-3x faster to process the scanning of incoming messages.
  • NEW: Support for Microsoft Office DOCX/XLSX/PPTX file attachment scanning.
  • NEW: Ability for the Gateway to send secure message notifications.
  • NEW: DiscardSameDomainNotifications domain option.
  • UPDATED: Ability to enable/disable the Server SMTP.
  • UPDATED: Logic to ignore notifications with a specific header.
  • UPDATED: Configs that resolves having a large numbers of domain folders and support for automation.
  • FIXED: Issues with the TNEF Exchange-to-Exchange communication (users from different domains within the same Microsoft Exchange farm/pod).
  • UPDATED: Mailbox class now supports issues where (at times) the email addresses are not in proper SMTP format.
  • UPDATED: VirtualServer.ProcessMessage issue, where sometimes the From: on the incoming message is invalid.
  • FIXED: Issue where the messages did not have an email address in the To: field.
  • FIXED: Issues with the encryption handler.
  • FIXED: Issue with sending multiple large file attachments.

Desktop Agents (Win / Mac)

  • No changes in this version.

Server Back End

  • NEW: Added an “X-­Secure-­Message­-Id” x-header to archived secure messages.
  • UPDATED: Infrastructure changes/Json.NET/NuGet, including a fix in the Json.NET serialization.
  • FIXED: Small issues with F.Y.E.O. and password management.
  • FIXED: Issue with the default User Group Guest User registration filter to not override the User Group selected by the Admin User.
  • FIXED: Issue with AddMember API command that affected the Secure Messaging Gateway functions.
  • FIXED: Issue with user registration that didn’t receive a proper invitation.

Cloud Command Center (CCC)/Admin Console

  • NEW: Create Portal interface screen now only requires the Primary Domain and Company Name to create a new Portal. Portal creation now takes under 1 minute where a sales staff can create the customer Portal with the customer on the phone.
  • NEW: The invite user screen is now part of the second step of creating a new customer Portal. The end user can be invited immediately with the customer on the phone.
  • NEW: Added public keys to the Collection and Portal settings so they can now be exposed to the CCC.
  • NEW:                                               API Features
    Create partner Create partner admin user Create reseller
    Create reseller admin user Get collection setting Get gateway service
    Get partner service user count report Get partner setting Get service setting
    Get reseller setting Register gateway Get service SKUs
    Update collection Update collection setting Update partner
    Update partner setting Update reseller Update reseller setting
    Update service setting Update service user group Add/Remove Service User Alias
    Change Service User Password Update Service User Status Get Supported Languages
    Get/Add/Remove Service Domains Add/Remove Reseller Collection Access Update Admin User Status
    Change/Set Admin User Password Update Service SKU
  • NEW: Public API features (these API calls do not require a user to be logged in): DecodeSignature/GetService.
  • UPDATED: Domains now present in Portal details screen.
  • UPDATED: Administration workflow screens.
  • UPDATED: Manage Partners: Add / Edit.
  • UPDATED: Manage Resellers: Add / Edit.
  • UPDATED: Manage Partner-level or Reseller-level Admin users.
  • UPDATED: Set Admin user password for a Partner or Reseller.
  • UPDATED: Admin users can now view “Profile” page and change their password.
  • UPDATED: Removed SKU-related features.
    Billing requirements changes required the following calls to be deprecated:

    CreateAssignedSku CreateAssignedSkuBundle SKU CreateAssignedSkuBundleFromTemplate
    UpdateSkuBundleTemplate UpdateSkuTemplate UpdateAssignedSku
    UpdateAssignedSkuBundle GetSkuBundleTemplate GetSkuBundleTemplates
    GetSkuTemplate GetSkuTemplates GetAssignedSku
    GetAssignedSkuBundle GetAssignedSkuBundles GetAssignedSkus
    CreateSkuBundleTemplate CreateSkuTemplate
  • UPDATED: Admin options to specify location of BB10 and WP8 mobile app links to download (reflected to the end user).

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