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Product Release Version 4.11 Patch 2

January 1, 2015

Code Cut-Off Date: December 31 2014
General Availability: January 27, 2015
Patch 1 General Availability: February 06, 2015
Patch 2 General Availability: March 18, 2015
Note: Some features or apps are subject to different release date

New Features and General Enhancements

  • NEW: The last six months we’ve been busy working on back-end improvements, new APIs and the new, long-awaited WebApp. The new WebApp will power a new Webmail, Office 365 plug-in, Google Chrome extension, native Mac app and native Windows8 app. We will also offer major improvements for our mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10. Version 4.11 sets the back-end foundations to deploy the new WebApp, currently scheduled for March 2015.
  • NEW: Push- and in-app notifications for message tracking activity: Now you can be notified on your mobile/tablet device when you receive a new secure message; when a secure message is recalled; when your secure message is read (retrieved), replied to or forwarded; as well as when a file attachment is downloaded. We are excited about this new notification system and this feature will be released with the new mobile apps sometime in February.
  • NEW: Multilingual localization support for simplified Chinese. Users also have the ability to specify their preferred language during registration and through the “Tools > Preferences” menu once logged in to secure webmail. User preferences are remembered by the system to offer a seamless experience on every device.

Secure WebApp (New Webmail / iOS / Android / BB10 / WP8 / O365 / Chrome Extension / Windows 8 / OSX)

  • The new WebApp remains in beta mode this quarter. Look for an early released of the new mobile apps in February and the official WebApp launch in March or April 2015.

Microsoft Outlook Toolbar / Plug-in

  • NEW: Added support for Zimbra Mail Servers.
  • NEW: Added support for Kerio Mail Servers.
  • UPDATED: Workflows to handle password changes.
  • UPDATED: Handle cases where Exchange ID does not have an SMTP address in Exchange / Office 365.
  • FIXED: Issue where Outlook can run into problems when returning from the File menu.
  • FIXED: Issue where the temp folder for attachments can get full, preventing messages from sending.
  • FIXED: Outlook 2010 doesn’t show Delivery Slip collapsed for basic messages.
  • FIXED: Handle cases of 911 Error from the server.
  • FIXED: Issue where the Delivery Slip does not display when returning from the File menu.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Fixed issue where secure messages from the Outlook Toolbar were double spaced.

Desktop Agents (Win / Mac)

  • Nothing new this release, but we are working on a new Desktop Agent for Windows 8 and a new native Mac App – coming soon!

Secure Messaging Platform Cloud Server

  • NEW: We are releasing a brand new Secure Messaging API using a more modern framework. The old API continues to work and is not being deprecated. Some of the commands included in this release: Authenticate, ExpireAuthenticationToken, ExpireAuthenticationTokens, ForgotPassword, GetNewAuthenticationToken, GetServicePublicSettings, GetServiceSettings, GetUserContacts, GetUserSettings, LinkAttachment, Login, Logout, RegisterUser, ResetPassword, UnLinkAttachment, UpdatePassword, UpdateUserSettings.
  • NEW: Completed server side implementation of Notification framework. Added settings for InApp and mobile Push Notifications user configuration.
  • NEW: Updated language strings for all languages. Added support for simplified Chinese.
  • NEW: Ability to use a link for all branding images (to be used by CCC).
  • NEW: Ability to set a setting for all Portals in a VPS at once (to be use by CCC).
  • UPDATED: Various issues with Message Archiving; added reporting for archiving (totals / activity), added separate Username and Destination per portal / customer.
  • UPDATED: Increased max length of ReferenceId to 250 characters
  • FIXED: Reset Cache button now clears VPS settings (along with the Portal Settings).
  • FIXED: Issues that occurred after merging aliases.
  • FIXED: Issues with password validation.
  • FIXED: Issues with attachments on expired messages.
  • FIXED: Issue with duplicating messages if message send to master and alias in one time from some other account.
  • FIXED: Issues with displaying registered date.
  • FIXED: Issues with email address validation.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: Issues with email address validation.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: Issue with email address validation containing upper case characters would fail.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: Issue with BCC recipients not showing up in sent items.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Fixed issue with Archiving where it would sometimes timeout on really long calls.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Fixed issue where Archiving totals were not showing up in some scenarios in the Admin Console.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Added a Nightly Archive job to rerun failed archive items.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Added the ability to mark old messages to be archived (or re-archived).
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Updated the CORS list for all WebApp URLs (to support all data centers).
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Fixed issue with default branding in the WebApp.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Increased SSO performance.

Cloud Command Center (CCC)

  • NEW: Dashboard option to ‘Browse All’ customer postals created by all resellers in a continuous list to get a good feel of today’s sign-ups.
  • NEW: API Single Sign On functionality completed. Can be optionally enabled for each Site.
  • NEW: API Forgot ServiceUser password API operation implemented.
  • NEW: Statistics button to the Search list.
  • NEW: CCC API version in the About page.
  • NEW: Ability to search Services by GUID.
  • NEW: Domain management functionality to each Portal in CCC.
  • NEW: Automatic refresh to the Browse All list of Portals.
  • NEW: Statistics support to the Browse All list in CCC.
  • UPDATED: API Service Usage Report (GetServicesUsage) now queryable by Partner, Reseller, Service, CreatedAfterDate or CreatedBeforeDate.
  • UPDATED: API GetPartnersResellers now allows querying by status.
  • UPDATED: API CreateService now has better data validation and displays more helpful error messages to end user.
  • UPDATED: API CreateService failures sends an email to admins on failures due to infrastructure.
  • UPDATED: API Service ReferenceId field increased to support 250 chars.
  • UPDATED: API Services response DTO now contains Reseller and Partner info.
  • UPDATED: API ServiceUser response DTO now has GroupType, GroupName and GroupGuid.
  • UPDATED: CCC SSL v3.0 is now disabled.
  • UPDATED: API Ping Collection returns current DB patch number.
  • UPDATED: API documentation now describes all simple and complex types.
  • UPDATED: Enhanced logging.
  • UPDATED: Hide Admin Console link for all CCC users (Web Admin is being deprecated).
  • FIXED: Email validation.
  • FIXED: API ServiceUserCount report.
  • FIXED: API ServiceUser alias.
  • FIXED: API Ghost users.
  • FIXED: API PRO users cannot be demoted to GUEST user if they have an alias configured.
  • FIXED: Ping CCC, Site and Collection returns correct version numbers.
  • FIXED: Browser history is broken for Administration > Partners and Portals > Browse.
  • FIXED: If Collection access is disabled, the name of the Reseller is also removed.
  • FIXED: Creating a new Partner or Reseller user does not appear until the user refreshes the list.
  • FIXED: After creating a new reseller or partner user, you can not create another one.
  • FIXED: When clicking URLs, it seems to target the next tab in Chrome and overwrite it.
  • FIXED: Compatibility issues with IE.
  • FIXED: Creating a new Partner or Reseller user and then refreshing the list, breaks the list.
  • FIXED: After searching, viewing partners or resellers in admin section causes CCC to continually ping API for updates.
  • FIXED: Selecting Browse All or Browse By Partner After Selecting Search causes a double call to the API.
  • FIXED: Partner edit window can display the wrong title.
  • FIXED: Inconsistent letter casing of “GUID”.
  • FIXED: If a user selects the Cloud Command Center Icon in Chrome, the browser starts to continue to flicker.
  • FIXED: Login screen does not hint for email address field to mobile devices.
  • FIXED: The list of Partner Users only displays one page of users.
  • FIXED: You are not able to create new Partner users in CCC.
  • FIXED: Partner Users are duplicated in the system when the CCC is used via a mobile device.
  • FIXED: Certification level dropdown cut off for last entry in Reseller list.
  • FIXED: Cannot add additional domains to a Portal.
  • FIXED: Cannot view list of Collections for a Reseller.
  • FIXED: Portals are duplicated in Dashboard’s continuous list when you leave the browser open.
  • FIXED: Leaving the browser open for days doesn’t update the “Today” label resetting the list.
  • FIXED: Remove drop down menu to change Certification Level from the lists of Portals (to avoid accidental errors).
  • FIXED: Display issues in CCC’s Dashboard.
  • FIXED: Spacing issues in latest version of Chrome.
  • FIXED: Partner Users cannot see the Reseller or VPS field in Portal Details.
  • FIXED: Do not display disabled items in the UI.
  • FIXED: Firefox – Version 34.0.5.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: Issue with Admin Console not re-directing to HTTPS.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: Issue with archiving audit report not sorted by newest item by default.
  • FIXED PATCH 1: API added header to fix errors when using cookieless calls.
  • FIXED PATCH 2: Added missing CCC setting keys.

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