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Product Release Version 4.6

October 1, 2013

General availability: October 07 2013.

Enhancements include support for multi-lingual localization, user password strength management, multi-destination archiving, as well as the ability to specify a period to retain records on the Secure Messaging platform servers.

Secure Webmail

  • NEW: Multi-lingual localization support for English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Japanese. Functionality extended to Secure Webmail and Secure Webmail Lite. Browser detection presents the appropriate language based on local PC preferences, with the ability for user to specify preferred language at registration and through the ‘Tools > Preferences’ menu once logged in to the Secure Webmail. User preferences are remembered to offer seamless experience from any device.
  • NEW: Display of time stamp of secure message recall date in Delivery Slip.
  • FIXED: Issue with file attachments containing Asian characters in the file name.
  • FIXED: Issue where the date stamp always showed as PST time zone with the ‘print secure message’ functionality.

Microsoft Outlook Toolbar

  • NEW: Support for inline reply in Outlook 2013.
  • FIXED: Ghost window issue on specific configurations.
  • FIXED: Exchange 2013 activation on specific configurations.
  • FIXED: Issue where saving a message locally (.msg) and opening it twice would return an error.
  • FIXED: Issue where collapsing the Delivery Slip would not send messages securely.

Secure Messaging Gateway

  • NEW: Support for TNEF Exchange to Exchange communication (users from different domains within the same Microsoft Exchange farm/pod.
  • NEW: Support for completing registration on behalf of users invited but not registered.
  • NEW: Support for user and administrator notification via email on blacklisted emails.
  • UPDATED: All Gateway communications to outside servers now enforce TLS.
  • FIXED: Issue where Gateway would refuse messages that did not have an email address in the “To” field.

Mobile Apps (iOS / Android)

  • No changes in this version. Working great!

Desktop Agents (Win & Mac)

  • No changes in this version. Working great!

Admin Console

  • NEW: ‘Security Policies > Password Management’ offers support for administrator to set requirements for user password strength selection: Minimum Password Length / Maximum Password Length / Minimum Capital Characters / Minimum Numeric Characters / Minimum Symbols. This feature is enabled for all users of a customer instance. By default this feature is disabled not enforcing any restrictions on user password creation.
  • NEW: Third Party Cloud API Archiving improvements, including the ability to push the same decrypted secure messages to an unlimited number of destinations on different servers (archives), and more detailed logs with filters to show All / Completed / Pending / In Progress / Failed.
  • NEW: ‘General Settings > Feature Settings > Delete Records’ now enables an administrator to specify how long the records should be stored on the Secure Messaging platform. Enabling this feature allows setting up a retention period (e.g. 7 years) after which all secure messages and associated file attachments are deleted from the server. By default this feature is disabled and retains records indefinitely. Note that this feature does not delete records from the customer’s mail server or archive.
  • NEW: ‘General Settings > Feature Settings’ complete redesign, with the ability to ‘Enable / Disable’ features for a customer instance. New feature settings include ‘Password Management’ and ‘Delete Records’.
  • NEW: ‘Dashboard > User Account’ ability to manually specify the ‘Preactivation Identity’ from Microsoft Exchange to allow activation for unknown SMTP email address.
  • UPDATED: Logic on assigning a User Group: User Group is now assigned at user creation and not registration. Admin users can now select proper User Group for a user when creating it (manually or through API), and also update / change the User Group prior to the user registration.
  • UPDATED: RegisterUser API command to support various Gateway features.
  • UPDATED: Logic for API command “ChangePass”.
  • UPDATED: Removed the ability to edit the ‘Login Screen’ welcome message on a per customer level to support multi-lingual localization. This option will become available at the VPS level in a future release.
  • UPDATED: Support for delegated download file attachment actions (used by Gateway & mobile apps).
  • UPDATED: Change label for ‘Reference ID’ to ‘Reference ID (free form)’ as to indicate that this field is free form based on the reference ID used by the reseller.
  • UPDATED: Moved the ‘Webmail Banner Link’ at the top of the General Settings section below the ‘Reference ID’.
  • UPDATED: Report section with tracking API activity per message or per activity (restricted to Admin users).
  • UPDATED: User IP tracking and special reverse proxy server configuration to support that the transaction IP is recorded as the user’s IP address (and not the proxy server).
  • FIXED: API issue where ‘GetUnreadCount’ was not refreshed on ‘non-retrieveMsg’ commands.
  • FIXED: Tracking API solution for caching tracking lock per session, issue with cache including solution for caching ‘unreadCount’ command.

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