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Product Release Version 5.0

October 15, 2015

Code Cut-Off Date: October 30 2015
General Availability: December 15 2015
Patch 1 General Availability: TBD

New Features and General Enhancements: Version 5.0 is now available in Beta mode!


The new Secure Email webapp is now available in beta mode:

  • Secure Email webapp offers a sleek and dynamic content-focused user experience. The Secure Email webapp also powers a new Microsoft Office 365 webapp, a new Google Chrome extension with in-line compose and read integration for Gmail and OWA, and a new native Mac App for devices running OS X Yosemite.

Mobile and desktop event alerts for tracking secure email activity:

  • Professional users now have the option to receive real-time notifications on their mobile device, tablet and/or desktop for all secure email tracking activity. Users know the moment they receive a new secure message; when a secure message is recalled; and when a secure message is read (retrieved), replied to or forwarded. They also see when a secure file attachment is downloaded.

Single sign-on support for our Enterprise Dedicated Cloud Secure Email:

  • Secure email now offers single sign-on support (SSO) via Security Assertion Mark-up Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) and OAuth 2.0 protocol for integration with third-party services such as Microsoft Office 365, CA SSO (formerly CA SiteMinder), Microsoft Azure AD, Ping Identity, Google and Yahoo.


Secure Email Webapp (New Webmail / iOS / Android / BB10 / WP8 / O365 / Chrome Extension / OSX)

  • NEW: Chrome extension now supports inline viewing and composing of secure messages in Gmail and Office 365.
  • FIXED: Support for Windows Phone 8.
  • FIXED: 5.0 is now disabled by default for new customer portals and new users invited.

Secure Email Office Add-in

  • NEW: Full support for Outlook 2016.

Secure Email Desktop Apps (Windows and Mac)

Secure Email Cloud Server

  • UPDATED: The registration confirmation message default setting has been updated to ‘Enabled’ for all new portals.
  • UPDATED: “Enable Legacy Webmail” option has been added to admin interface. This now allows portals to exclusively use the new Webapp 5.0.
  • NEW: API commands: New error code added to SendMessage and PrecreateMessage
  • NEW: API commands: SSO proxy enabled setting added to GetPublicServiceSettings.
  • NEW: API commands: Legacy API updated to support SSO proxy.
  • NEW: API commands: Office add-in API updated to support SSO proxy.
  • UPDATED: API commands: Mobile Lite is now disabled when SSO is enabled.
  • FIXED: The issue with message throttling is resolved.
  • FIXED: The issue with double spacing for messages sent from the Office add-in is partially resolved.
  • FIXED: The issue where disclaimers were not visible when secure messages were sent from the Webmail is fixed.
  • FIXED: The issue where disclaimers were not added to message body in specific scenarios is resolved.
  • FIXED: The double login issue from Webmail to Webapp is resolved. The session information is now passed from the VPS server to the WebApp during upgrade and login process. Users are not redirected to the Webapp login screen anymore.

Cloud Command Center (CCC / API)

  • NEW: API commands: PublicGetService updated to support SSO
  • NEW: Support for multiple idProviders.
  • UPDATED: Default image settings updated.
  • UPDATED: API commands: PublicSendEmailMessage returns HTTP code 500.
  • UPDATED: API commands: PublicSendEmailMessage updated to allow sending with users in CC/BCC field only.
  • FIXED: API commands: SettingsValue now uses global default value when creating a new Service.

Secure Email Crypto Relay / Gateway

  • FIXED: The issue with notification duplicates when sending a message with both internal and external recipients is fixed.

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