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It’s time to protect and securely manage your communications.

Secure Messaging is a powerful, cloud-based, secure communications and information management solution that enables your organization—whether regulated or non-regulated—to effectively control, manage, and encrypt its email communications, both internally and externally.

Secure Messaging secures and streamlines line of business workflows with encrypted communications, secure e-signatures, large file sharing, and bulk send campaigns right from your email and mobile device. Advanced controls let you track, manage, and provide comprehensive audit reports.

Setup is simple and straightforward using existing email accounts with no downtime or email configuration necessary. Along with a fully-functional stand-alone webapp, users can install the Secure Messaging add-in into their default email program including Outlook, Outlook for Office 365, Gmail, and others to make the entire process of securing email seamless.

Secure Messaging is also available for Salesforce, where you can request legally valid confirmation signatures on quotes right in its interface. Secure Messaging also integrates with existing DLP solutions to improve your ability to control and secure sensitive data. Finally, its advanced real-time tracking and message controls substantially enhance your organization’s regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.


Features and Benefits

Seamless integration
Secure Messaging quickly and seamlessly integrates into existing email environments, such as Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, as well as with DLP engines and archiving systems.

Secure e-signature request and validation
Secure Messaging makes it easy to securely request and provide e-signatures on documents and image files directly within a secure message. The process takes seconds at either end and is fully secure from start to finish, ensuring data integrity, regulatory compliance, and non-repudiation.

Secure large file sharing
Secure Messaging lets you easily and securely share large files of up to 5 GBs in one message. Files sent through Secure Messaging are unaffected by email bandwidth limitations and will not clog company email systems. Plus, at the other end, recipients can control how, when, and to where they download the files, avoiding the situation of large files automatically being pushed to their email inboxes.

Secure bulk sent e-campaigns
The secure bulk send feature lets you easily mount, manage, and track a secure e-campaign to unlimited recipients. Because Secure Messaging authenticates all recipients, there’s no worry about the message being delivered to the wrong recipients or being marked as spam. Plus, with the advanced real-time tracking and control features available, you’ll know exactly who has received the message, when they received it, and what actions they have taken. The secure bulk send feature is ideal for any “click to acknowledge” communication or recall where you need to both notify potentially thousands of individuals of something and also have their receipt of that information confirmed.

Advanced message control
Secure Messaging’s Delivery Slip notifies users in real-time when an email is received and read and lets them easily control whether messages can be replied to or forwarded. Users can apply additional password protection to individual messages for sensitive information, set messages to expire at a later date, and even recall messages sent in error—even after delivery.

Full mobile functionality
Secure Messaging and all its features are fully enabled on mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry 10.

Enhances regulatory compliance and e-discovery
Secure Messaging enhances compliance with major privacy and security laws and regulations (including legislation such as ESIGN, GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA in the U.S.; PIPEDA in Canada; eIDAS in the EU; and the Electronic Transactions Act in Australia). For e-discovery, it ensures messages are verified and intact and provides real-time records of whether messages were received and when they were read.

Customizable, secure cloud environment
Secure Messaging provides enterprise clients with dedicated space on its secure cloud servers and is fully customizable to existing security policies. As well, every Secure Messaging portal is custom-branded and encrypted for a seamless user experience.

Improves data loss prevention
Secure Messaging works with any existing data leak prevention (DLP) engine to help prevent unauthorized or mistaken sharing of sensitive or prohibited content and offers intelligent content scanning based on security policies. This is achieved through the Secure Messaging crypto-gateway function, an added layer of network protection that integrates with your existing processing and enforcement services to secure outgoing basic email containing sensitive or confidential information. When an email or file attachment is detected as requiring encryption, it gets routed by the Secure Messaging crypto-gateway for instant conversion to a secure message.

Easy SSO integration
For enterprise clients, Secure Messaging seamlessly integrates with existing SSO deployments (whether SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0). Plus, using your own federation service for authentication adds additional reputation to verifying the authenticity of every user action without requiring the use of complex keys.

Works with Challenge Response Authentication requests
When Challenge Response Authentication (CRA) is enabled on the Secure Messaging platform, every new user that you invite (e.g. communicate with for the first time) must enter a unique verification code (member ID / PIN, zip code, account number, etc.) to complete the registration.


Last updated September 8, 2016