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Access to the Secure Messaging portal

You can access the Secure Messaging portal directly from a web browser. The web address (URL) is different for every customer, but there are several easy ways to access it even if you don’t know the web address (URL).

From the Single-Sign-On (SSO) page

At any time, you can visit (opens in new window) to access your Secure Messaging portal account. If you are registered with more than one Secure Messaging portals, the SSO page will display them all to choose prior to the login action.

From a notification message

When you receive a secure message, you also receive a notification message via basic email. This is the message that lets you know new secure messages are waiting for you in the Secure Messaging portal. Notification messages contain a link to the secure webmail, which you can click to retrieve the secure message. If you are already enabled with the Office Add-in, you will not see these notifications messages while using Outlook.

From the Desktop and Mobile alerts

If you’re using any one of our desktop or mobile apps, you will be automatically notified via an alert of every new secure message. Click the alert notification when this occurs to access the Secure Messaging portal.

Last updated January 19, 2016.