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For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.)

For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.) is an enhanced security feature used to protect a secure message with a password. The recipient must enter this password each time they want to access and view the secure message. Without entering the password, no one is able to view the content of the secure message.

Sending an F.Y.E.O. Message

If you want to send an F.Y.E.O. message, simply click ‘Compose’ and enter your message as normal. When you’re finished with the body of your message, go to the Enhanced Security Options of the Delivery Slip and check ‘For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.)’. You can select ‘Request Secure Account Password’ or ‘Set Unique Password’.

  • Request Secure Account Password’ sets the password to the recipient’s Secure Account Password.
  • Set Unique Password’ brings up a box to enter a Unique Password. When you click ‘Send’, a dialogue box appears asking you to confirm the Unique Password.

    NOTE: You must share the Unique Password with the recipient verbally or via another communication method. Once the secure message is sent, you must enter the Unique Password to view it in your Sent items folder.

Reading an F.Y.E.O. Message

When you receive an F.Y.E.O. message, the main body of the message will indicate that you need to enter the ‘Secure Account Password’ or a ‘Unique Password’ to view the content of the secure message every time you access it.

  • For ‘Secure Account Password’, see the ‘Enhanced Security Options’ in the Delivery Slip and enter your Secure Account Password (the password you use to log in to the Secure Webmail) in the text box, and click ‘Unlock’. The secure message will appear and behave exactly like a normal secure message.
  • For ‘Unique Password’, in order to view the secure message, the sender will have to share the Unique Password with you. If the sender has not told you the Unique Password, you will need to contact him/her and request it. Once you have the Unique Password, see the Enhanced Security Options in the Delivery Slip and enter the Unique Password in the text box. Click ‘Unlock’. The secure message will appear and behave exactly like a regular secure message.

    NOTE: Each F.Y.E.O. message will stay unlocked for a short period of time. After this time has passed, you must re-enter the password to view it, reply to it or forward it.