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Login to Secure Messaging Portal

You can access the Secure Webmail directly from any web browser on Mac, Windows and mobile devices (including tablets). The web address (URL) is different for every customer sending secure messages, but there are several easy ways to access it even if you do not know the URL:

  • Go to and enter your login credentials.
    • If you are registered with several organizations, then their logos will appear to the right-hand side. Select the hyperlink under the desired organization (it will read “[_] secure message[s]”).
    • If you are only registered with one organization, then you will be redirected to that organization’s login page. Enter your login credentials once again to be logged in.
  • Go to your basic email inbox, find a secure email from the organization and click on the notification link.
Message Center Login
  1. The Secure Webmail is branded to the organization sending the secure messages. Login credentials are different for each organization you receive secure messages from (different registration).
  2. Enter your email address (the same email address you previously registered with).
  3. Enter your password (the same password you chose when you registered). If you forgot your password, click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Your administrator can also trigger this function on your behalf.
  4. Depending on the configuration set by the organization sending the secure message, you may be able to have the login screen remember your email address and/or keep you logged in on this computer for a period of time. If you are on a public computer, do not use this option (i.e. do not check the box ‘Remember me on this computer’ or ‘Keep me logged in (14 days)’).
  5. When you have entered both your email address and password, click ‘Login’.
  6. If you have not yet registered with the Secure Webmail of the organization sending the secure message, click the link ‘Have you been invited?’.
    • To bookmark the login screen or to add it to your favorites on this computer, click the link ‘Bookmark’. Select this ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ from your browser menu the next time you want to access the Secure Webmail login screen.
    • If you are on a mobile or tablet device, or using a screen reader for visually impaired users, click the ‘Mobile/Accessible’ link if you are not automatically redirected. Doing so will present you with a lighter version of the Secure Webmail that also works on all devices.
    • If you need help at any time, click the ‘Help!’ link. This will take you directly to the online help website.