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Logging In

Access to a secure messaging portal is free for all licensed users and invited guests; at this time, there is no consumer version available for personal use. To log in to a secure messaging portal, you need to be invited. If you are expecting an invitation but have yet to receive it, please contact your organization’s IT administrator or the person from whom you were expecting the invitation.

Logging in from a single-sign-on (SSO) page

You can access the Secure Messaging portal directly from a web browser. The web address (URL) is different for every organization depending on where the data is hosted. There are several easy ways to access it even if you don’t know the web address (URL).

At any time, you can visit (opens in new window) to access your account. If you are registered with more than one Secure Messaging portal, the SSO page will display a list of your accounts to choose from.

Once you have reached the SSO login screen, please enter your email address to launch the discovery process.

Secure Messaging Single Sign-on (SSO)

NOTE: At this stage, the system does not know what Secure Messaging portal you belong to, what data jurisdiction your account is hosted in, nor what SSO federation service you are configured to use. For this reason, there is no option to reset your password in case you have forgotten it. To reset your password, please use one of the methods below to access the direct login screen of the Secure Messaging portal you are trying to access. The direct login screen of the Secure Messaging portal will contain an option to reset your password. If your account is configured to use a third-party SSO federation service, you will be automatically redirect to the proper login and registration screen.

Logging in from a notification message

When you receive a secure message, you will also receive a notification message to your basic email with a link to the new secure message waiting for you on the Secure Messaging portal. To retrieve the new message, click the link.

The link will load the direct login screen. Simply enter your email address and password to log in and access your secure messages.

Secure Messaging login screen

NOTE: Accessing the direct Secure Messaging portal login screen allows more options compared to the SSO login screen, including the ability to reset your password. If you are using the Office add-in for Outlook, you will not receive notification messages and access to the content of the secure messages will be automatic.

Logging in from the desktop and mobile notification alerts

If you are using any one of our desktop or mobile apps, you will be automatically alerted of every new secure message. You can access the message by clicking the alert.

Last updated March 9, 2016.