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Changing a basic email to a secure message

With the Secure MS Outlook® Toolbar, you can easily reply or forward a basic email message and convert it into a secure message (e.g. you do not have to start a new message in order to send it via your Secure Messaging Platform). If you elect to continue using basic unsecure email, your reply or forward will be sent as a basic email message so as not to interfere with your basic email activities. If, however, you would like to reply using a secure message, you can do so simply by selecting a Secure Messaging Platform from the dropdown menu in the ‘Delivery Slip’ (right pane of this message window – click on the arrow to expand / collapse). This will send your reply as a secure message and will include the original thread of this conversation.

Outlook Toolbar Basic CollapsedOutlook Toolbar Basic
  1. Use the ‘Arrow’ icon to collapse / expand the Delivery Slip pane.
  2. Leave as ‘Basic email (unsecure)’ if you do not want to reply or forward this message securely. Alternatively, select from the list the appropriate Secure Messaging Platform that should be used for this conversation.
  3. If you do not wish to see this pane expanded the next time you create, reply or forward a basic email message, select the check box ‘Hide Delivery Slip when creating new basic email messages’ to automatically keep the pane collapsed.