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Replying or Forwarding a secure message (Toolbar)

If you are replying to or forwarding a secure message, your message will also be sent securely using the same Secure Messaging Platform as selected by the original sender (owner) of the secure message. You cannot change the message back to basic email or change the Secure Messaging Platform used; in order to maintain the integrity of a secure conversation, all replies and forwards will be sent using the same method as originally selected by the owner of the secure message.
Outlook Toolbar Reply
NOTE: Some features might not be available depending on the configuration of the Secure Messaging Platform or your User Group profile. Contact your administrator for more information.

  1. When replying to or forwarding a secure message, by default you cannot change the Secure Messaging Platform in use, or reply to or forward using basic unsecure email.
  2. In compose mode, the message status is set to ‘Draft’.
  3. The ‘Message Options’ such as ‘ForwardFreeze’ and ‘F.Y.E.O.’ cannot be changed once the conversation is engaged.
  4. To include file attachments with your secure message, simply use the regular method of inserting attachments (the same as with a basic email message). If file attachments were included with the original secure message received, the list of file attachments is available under this module; use the checkboxes to select or unselect file attachments you would like to include on reply or forward actions (instead of duplicating files by re-attaching them).