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Toolbar Preferences

Use the ‘Secure Messaging’ > ‘Preferences’ menu to access the Toolbar Preference window.

Outlook Toolbar Preferences
  1. If you registered with more than one Secure Messaging Platform, you can select which one should be used by default for all new secure messages. This setting will not prevent you from choosing a different Secure Messaging Platform on a per message basis.
  2. Access to the Secure Message Center (Webmail) is available from the Toolbar menu. When using this feature, you can select to have the Toolbar launch the Secure Message Center in your default web browser, or specify a different one.
  3. The Secure Messages section allows you to select whether secure message should be auto-retrieved (automatically decrypted) once you select them in your inbox, or if each secure message should be retrieved manually (by using the ‘Retrieve’ button in the Delivery Slip). When composing new basic (unsecure) message, you may not want to see the Delivery Slip expanded in order to save real estate on your screen. Select ‘Hide Delivery Options’ to keep the Delivery Slip collapsed. Select ‘Enable Send Secure button’ to have it available when composing a new email message.
  4. Since the Secure Messaging Platform offers better and more accurate message tracking, the Toolbar will automatically ignore the ‘Read Receipt’ options you had previously set in MS Outlook® as they are not required with secure messages (on by default, cannot be changed). Read Receipt options will still be upheld for basic (unsecure) messages.
  5. When first installing the Toolbar, some ‘Did You Know’ tooltips are displayed to help the user navigate the new features available. To turn those off, select this option. To re-enable them and see all tooltips again, click on the ‘Reset Tooltips’ button.
  6. Some versions of MS Outlook® sometimes display false error message when using the Toolbar. To not see these warning messages, select this option (off by default).