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Viewing Secure Message Tracking (Toolbar)

The message tracking system is fully auditable. Because all secure message transactions occur through a specific Secure Messaging Platform, tracking records can be guaranteed. Tracking results are accessible through the web & mobile enabled Secure Message Center, the MS Outlook® Toolbar, Desktop Agent and all mobile & tablet Apps.

On the right hand side of each secure message in the Delivery Slip is the Message Details section. In it, you can see a quick description of the tracking for the selected secure message. Conversation participants are listed on the left, and the squares next to their names fill in green once they complete the action noted above. Holding your cursor over the green squares gives more details, such as the time of the action. The Message Tracking section provides a different view of the tracking information. It shows how many people have retrieved (read & decrypted), forwarded or replied to the secure message. If you expand each section, you can see the time that each user completed these actions.

Tracking is one of the most valuable features offered by the Secure Messaging Platform. Users are able to view specific tracking data for secure messages, including the date and time that an invitation was received, verification that the secure message itself was retrieved (read & decrypted by the user), and whether a user replied to or forwarded the secure message. The sender can even see who the list of recipients the secure message was forwarded to.