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The secure Outlook add-in allows both PRO & GUEST users to seamlessly manage their secure messages from any secure messaging platform alongside their basic email messages in the world’s most widely used corporate email program. Once installed, any authorized user can use Outlook® to create, read and respond to secure messages. Secure messages can make use of all existing features such as spell check, address book, and corporate global policies. There is no need to navigate to a separate browser, or to manage and rotate complex encryption keys and cumbersome passwords.

Outlook Main

The secure Outlook® add-in appears in the default menu and toolbar section of the Outlook® email program, giving users the option to quickly choose between creating a new secure or basic email message. This selection can also occur mid-way while composing, replying-to or forwarding an email message. The delivery slip appears to the right side of the secure message compose window and allows the sender to set forwarding, replying, and message tracking permissions, as well as attach large files seamlessly bypassing the native file size restrictions imposed by Outlook.

The secure Outlook® add-in provides added flexibility by conforming to the way you work within your email program. With the delivery slip available directly in Outlook, you have access to more information (message metadata) and actions for secure messages than what is available for basic email messages.

There is no need for an organization to reconfigure their mail server or change staff email addresses or Internet Service Provider (e.g. MX records remain where they are) to start using the secure Outlook® add-in. It is designed to be a client-side solution where the add-in is easily installed in under two minutes without requiring administrative rights. Secure messages can be sent through an organization’s branded secure messaging platform directly without requiring the organization’s mail server’s interaction. It works with all mail servers including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange®, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Zimbra without the requirement for complex integrations or expensive configurations. All existing investment in email archiving, compliance, e-discovery, workflow and management remain intact and continue to work. No changes or replacements are required.

NOTE: Some features might not be available depending on the configuration of the secure messaging platform and your user group profile. Contact your administrator for more information.