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Installation & Activation

In order to install the secure email Outlook® add-in, you must already have registered with a secure messaging platform. Follow these simple steps to complete the installation and activation:

Secure Email Outlook® Add-in Installation

NOTE: In order to install the secure email Outlook® add-in, you must follow these instructions from within the secure webmail. The add-in cannot be installed from this help page. If you do not see the ability to install the add-in from the secure webmail, it is not available on the secure messaging platform. Contact your administrator for more information.

  1. Login to the secure webmail of the secure messaging platform you want to activate with in Outlook®.
  2. In the secure webmail, click the icon in the left hand column, “Enable with Outlook®”, or click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Secure Email Outlook Add-in’ under the ‘Apps’ sub menu.
  3. NOTE: Some secure messaging platforms disable access to installing the secure Outlook® add-in. If this is the case, these menu entries will not be available. Contact your administrator for more information as other means of installation may be provided through group policy deployment.

  4. After selecting the proper menu item, you will see a page of instructions with four easy steps. Follow these instructions, making sure Outlook® is closed (Step 1). Click ‘Download Secure Outlook® add-in’ (Step 2).
  5. You will be prompted to ‘Save’ or ‘Run’ the setup file. Click ‘Run’ to begin the installation process.

    NOTE: If you do not have the MS .NET® Framework 4.0 installed on your computer, you will be prompted to install it. The installation is automatic and must be completed in order to use the add-in. The .NET Framework 4.0 is a Microsoft® designed component and does not put your computer at any risk.

  6. The installer will confirm your choice. Click ‘Install’ when you are prompted. The add-in installation will begin. Follow any on-screen prompts that may occur.

    NOTE: This installation process uses Microsoft’s ‘Click-Once®’ technology to ensure your safety and security during the installation process. Once the installation completes, you will get a confirmation message that the add-in was ‘registered’ on your computer correctly.

  7. Please wait until you see the installation confirmation window before launching Outlook® again.

Secure Email Outlook® Add-in Activation

Install Outlook Toolbar ActivateThe installation of the MS Outlook® Toolbar is complete. The next step is to Activate the Toolbar with your Secure Messaging Platform. Follow these steps to complete the activation and begin using the add-in:

  1. Login to the secure webmail and click on the ‘Enable with Outlook’ icon at the left hand side of the screen, or click on the ‘Apps’ menu and select ‘Secure Outlook Add-in’. If you haven’t done so already, complete Step 4 and click on the button ‘Activate Add-in’. This will send a secure message to your email address, which you can use to activate the Add-in by selecting it in your Outlook® inbox.
  2. Launch Outlook®.
  3. When Outlook® first loads, select the new secure message you’ve received (it may automatically be selected for you). Alternatively, if you received a secure message notification from someone you know, please select it in your Outlook® inbox.
  4. Once you select a secure message, you will see an activation screen, prompting you to enter your password. Enter your password as selected when you registered with the secure messaging platform.

NOTE: If you are experiencing any issues with the secure Outlook® add-in installation, please contact your administrator as there are scenarios that could prevent the add-in from establishing a secure connection with your version of Outlook®. If you are experiencing problems loading the add-in, please see the troubleshooting tip ‘Secure Outlook Add-in Loading Issue’.