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Activation SMTP Conversion

If you see this error message, the Toolbar has detected that MS Outlook® is in ‘CachedDisconnected’ mode with your MS Exchange® server. The Toolbar requires that MS Outlook® connect to your MS Exchange® Directory in ‘CachedConnectedFull’ mode in order to resolve the SMTP email address of the recipient(s) from the MS Exchange® IDs stored in MS Outlook®.

Note: You must be connected to your MS Exchange® server in order to complete this activation process. If you are unsure if you are connected to MS Exchange®, please contact your administrator.

It may look like there is a valid SMTP address in the TO:, CC: or BCC: field, but for security reasons MS Outlook® does not allow COM Add-ins such as the Toolbar to access this information. It is therefore necessary for the Toolbar to have MS Outlook® contact your MS Exchange® server to resolve the SMTP address from the Exchange ID.

This process may take some time to complete, and while working, MS Outlook® may appear to be unresponsive. It is in fact working and exchanging information with your MS Exchange® server. Once the correct data is retrieved, the message will be automatically sent. Furthermore, the SMTP address of this recipient will be stored by the Toolbar, allowing you to skip this step when sending secure messages to this contact in the future.