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Activation Security Confirmation

If the Secure MS Outlook® Toolbar is requesting an activation security confirmation, it is because it has detected that MS Outlook® is in “CachedDisconnected” mode with your MS Exchange® server. The Toolbar requires that MS Outlook® connect to your MS Exchange® Directory in “ConnectedFull” mode in order to retrieve your SMTP email address for security and authentication purposes. Without this verification, it could be possible for an intruder to compromise your privacy and security. The Toolbar will force MS Outlook® to connect with MS Exchange®, which could take up to several minutes.

Note: You must be connected to your MS Exchang®e server in order to complete this activation process. If you are unsure if you are connected to MS Exchange®, please contact your administrator.

Note: During this period, MS Outlook® may appear to be non-responsive, but is in fact working. Please wait for the process to complete.

During this time, MS Outlook® may report a ‘Connected’ status with MS Exchange® at the bottom right of the MS Outlook® Window. This is only partially correct, as MS Outlook® is connected to the MS Exchange® mail server, but many components, such as the directory and address book, may not be connected. To view a complete connections status, hold CTRL and right click on the MS Outlook® icon in the task bar, and select ‘Connection Status’.

If the Toolbar is unable to force MS Outlook® to connect to your MS Exchange® server, another prompt will appear with the following options:

Try Again:
With this option, the Toolbar uses an alternate method to attempt to initiate ‘CachedConnectedFull’ mode between MS Outlook® and your MS Exchange® server.

Note: While attempting this action, MS Outlook® may appear to be non-responsive, but it is in fact working.

Request Assistance:

If the ‘Try Again’ process fails, please use the ‘Request Assistance’ feature, which will begin the Assisted Activation process. After it is initiated, you will receive a confirmation message in your MS Outlook® Inbox within 6 business hours. If you do not receive this message within 6 hours, you may click on the message and re-send the Assistance Request. When you open the confirmation message, you will be able to complete the Activation process and begin using the Toolbar.