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Attachment Size Exceeds Allowable Limit

Even though the Secure Messaging Platform allows for unlimited attachment file size transfers, sometimes MS Outlook® can still restrict ‘inserting’ or ‘selecting’ large file attachments while composing a secure message. This is especially true if you are in a corporate setting using MS Exchange® or MS Outlook® 2010 (limited at 20MB per message). There are 2 ways to correct the situation:

  1. Contact your administrator to inquire if the asynchronous file attachment feature is enabled on your Secure Messaging Platform. This feature will allow you to remove this restriction in MS Outlook®. If enabled, you will have the option to ‘Attach a File’ directly from the Delivery Slip, bypassing the Outlook restrictions for the sender and recipients. Using this feature will allow you to send unlimited file attachment sizes (up to 5GB – 5,000MB) depending on the configuration of the Secure Messaging Platform
  2. Using the Secure Message Center (Webmail) in conjunction with the Secure Desktop Agent will also allow you to send unlimited file attachment sizes (up to 5GB – 5,000MB).

This setting only restricts attaching of large files to messages using the native MS Outlook file attachment picker. Recipients of your messages will be able to view or download any large attachments, regardless of their MS Exchange® or MS Outlook® configurations.