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Local information for this message is corrupt

For security reasons, the MS Outlook® Toolbar stores some data (encrypted) locally. If you are receiving an error message telling you that your local cache is corrupt, it means that previously stored and encrypted access data and metadata have somehow become invalidated. An invalid cache can happen for a number of reasons:

  • If a user attempts to manually edit the local cache.
  • If an external application or user (malware, a hacker, a virus) attempts to modify the local cache in any way.
  • If the MS Outlook® Toolbar is involved in a crash.
  • If the local cache cannot be found (it was deleted or moved).

If your local cache has been invalidated, it is easy to fix. If you select a secure message that gives you the error, and then use the Toolbar to retrieve the secure message again by clicking the refresh icon at the top of the Delivery Slip, the local cache will be recreated. We do not force auto-retrieval so that you can make a case-by-case decision about which secure messages you’d like to re-retrieve.