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PRO vs. GUEST Users

Access to a secure messaging portal is free for all licensed users and invited guests; at this time, there is no consumer version available for personal use. To log in to a secure messaging portal, you need to be invited. If you are expecting an invitation but have yet to receive it, please contact your organization’s IT administrator or the person from whom you were expecting the invitation.

There are two distinct types of users that can be registered for a secure messaging portal: professional and guest. Both user types have access to all the same apps (such as the Office add-in, Webapp, and mobile apps), but will have different abilities to use the available features.

User status and capability can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by the portal administrator or be automatically provisioned via the API.

  • Professional users:
    A professional user has full rights to the features enabled on the secure messaging portal and typically consists of organization staff. Professional users can invite new users, create new secure messages, share large files, create e-signature documents, and recall messages and files. For billing purposes, each professional user counts as a paying user.
  • Guest users:
    Guest users are always free but have limited access to the available features. Guest users typically consist of external clients, partners, or business associates. Guest users can read, reply, and compose secure messages to professional users. They can send and receive large files and can provide e-signatures when requested from professional users. They cannot recall messages or invite new users to the secure messaging portal. For billing purposes, guest users are free and do not count as paying users. An organization can invite as many guest users it wants without any additional cost.

Feature Access

Feature Pro Guest
Create new secure message Yes Limited
Secure message (includes reply and forward) 500 daily 50 daily
Read & reply to secure message Check Mark Yes
Invite new users to the portal 250 daily N/A
Real-time tracking & alert notifications (desktop & mobile) Yes Limited
Forward secure message Yes N/A
Recall secure message Yes N/A
Reply freeze & Forward freeze security policies Yes N/A
Message freeze (expiry) Yes N/A
For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) Yes N/A
Share Sent Items’ read rights / archive to CRM Yes N/A
Mask (hide) email addresses for maximum privacy Yes Hidden
Encrypted file storage (total) 2GB (pooled) Pooled
Encrypted bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email aliases 5 N/A
Delivery Slip access Yes Yes
Secure e-signature Yes E-sign only
Secure e-campaigns Yes N/A
File attachments size (per message) 5GB 5GB
Secure file preview Yes Yes
Real-time tracking timeline Yes Limited
Real-time tracking timeline insight Yes N/A
Multilingual Yes Yes
Record retention Yes Yes
User password management Yes Yes
Biometric authentication Yes Yes
QR coding Yes Yes
Secure message disclaimers Yes Yes
Anti-phishing CRA (Challenge Response Authentication) Yes Yes
Forensic audit reporting Yes N/A
Webapp (Web, tablet, mobile & visually impaired) Yes Yes
Office add-in (Win) Yes Yes
Office 365 Webapp Yes Yes
iPhone & iPad app Yes Yes
Android app Yes Yes
Windows Phone app Yes Yes
Blackberry 10 app Yes Yes
Google Chrome extension (Win, Mac & Linux) Yes Yes
Mac app Yes Yes
MS Dynamics add-in Yes N/A
One-hour response time email support Yes Yes
Quarterly product upgrades Yes Yes


Last edited March 14, 2016