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Invite New Users

This page explains how to invite new users to a Secure Messaging portal and explains the difference between professional and guest users.

Access to a secure messaging portal is free for all licensed users and invited guests; at this time, there is no consumer version available for personal use. To log in to a secure messaging portal, you need to be invited. If you are expecting an invitation but have yet to receive it, please contact your organization’s IT administrator or the person from whom you were expecting the invitation.

Inviting new users is as simple as sending them a secure message. If you are a professional user, you will be able to invite both pro and guest users; guest users are not able to invite other users.

User Types

There are two distinct types of users that can be registered for a Secure Messaging portal: professional or guest. Each type has different abilities to use the available features. User status and capability can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by the portal administrator or be automatically provisioned via the API.

  • Professional users: 
A professional user has full rights to the features enabled on the Secure Messaging portal and typically consists of your organization’s staff. Professional users can invite new users, create new secure messages, share large files, create signature documents, and recall messages and files. For billing purposes, each professional user counts as a paying user.
  • Guest users:
 Guest users are always free, but have limited access to the available features. Guest users typically consist of external clients, partners, or business associates. Guest users can read, reply, and compose secure messages to professional users. They can send and receive large files and can provide signatures when requested from professional users. They cannot recall messages, invite new users to the Secure Messaging portal, or create signature requests. For billing purposes, guest users are free and do not count as paying users. An organization can invite as many guest users it wants without any additional cost.

For additional information on the two user groups and their capabilities, please see Pro vs. Guest Users

Inviting New users

When new users are invited, they receive two basic email notifications as part of the initial setup: One is a message notification (message notifications are sent with any secure message); the other is the invitation message (shown below). The new user should be instructed to click the link in the invitation message to launch the registration process.

Clicking the registration link will direct the new user to the registration page, which will include instructions on how to enter their account information (as is explained in detail on the How to Register page). Once they have registered, the new user will be logged in to your Secure Messaging portal, where they can view and reply to their secure messages.

NOTE FOR ADMINISTRATORS: A generic, spam filter-tested invitation message is provided that contains default content that applies to all user invitations. It is recommended that you change this message to reflect your organization. Try to avoid using language or terms that are likely to trigger spam filters (content filtering etc.) or adding any HTML formatting or embedded images that would impair the message from being delivered or properly displayed by the recipient’s email program.


Last updated August 22, 2016.