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Manage Account

This page contains instructions for managing your Secure Messaging account.

In the webapp, click the down arrow next to your name (in the upper right corner), then click Account Settings and then the Account Preferences tab.

Under Account Preferences, you will have the following options:

Account Preferences
  1. User profile: Set your name how you would like it to appear on secure messages you send; you can also set your preferred language.
  2. Change password: If you wish to change your password, do so here. NOTE: your portal admin may set password rules (at least one capital, numbers, etc.). If so, the rules will be shown above the fields.
  3. Automatic replies: Create an out-of-office message to respond to incoming secure messages if you are going to be away. (At this point, there is not an option to set start and end dates for the message, so you will need to uncheck this once you wish to stop the message from being sent.)
  4. Tool options: This gives you the option to not have your secure messages automatically delivered to your inbox.
  5. Signature options: Create an email signature that will be added to new secure messages.
  6. Once you are done, remember to click Save Settings.

If you are having issues with any of the options, please contact your administrator or contact Secure Messaging support:

Last updated August 2, 2016