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Share Large Files

This page explains how to attach files to a secure message.

Unless otherwise limited by your portal admin, you can add up to 5 GBs of attachments per message. Also, unless otherwise enforced by your organization, there are no file format restrictions. If any file formats are restricted (or if you exceed the allowable maximum file size), you will receive an error message when attempting to attach the file.

How to Share Large Files
  1. Launch a new secure message.
  2. Either drag and drop your attachment(s) into the “Drag and drop files here” field under SECURE FILES in the Delivery Slip, or click that same field and locate the files you want to add.
  3. Attachment(s) will be listed at the bottom of the message (and in the SECURE FILES panel of the Delivery Slip).
  4. When ready, click send.

NOTE: The actual files are not literally attached to the email message and sent via email protocols. Instead, they are uploaded to the server via HTTPs and not delivered to the recipient until the recipient opens the message and clicks to download the attachment(s). This means that recipients can choose when and where they want to actually download the file(s), thus avoiding using up mobile data or having their mobile devices unnecessarily filled. That being said, recipients can preview the file if necessary without downloading the actual file, which is ideal for large, time-sensitive documents that require immediate responses from users on the go.

Last updated August 2, 2016.